The first blog

Hey guys, so these first blogs are meant to be a sort of introduction between the bloggers and the people who will be reading them. Personally, I think introductions are overrated, but here it is.

My name for the puropse of this is Miranda, but you can call me Mimi.

  • Name of your blog

Worldly Thories

  • Provided a brief overview of what your blog is about

My blog is mainly about conspiracy theories. I feel like it makes history a bit more entertaining. They also help you think about the world in different ways. A healthy amount of skeptisim is necissary when living in a world where almost anything is possible.

  • Your experience working with the topic of your blog

I guess it’s a family thing, but my father raised me on these thories. When I w

My Father holding baby Mimi

ould feel down about life, he’d come along and cheer me up with the lastest thing he’s heard. He’s the only person I would talk to about these sort of things so now it’s kinda like i’m bringing you into my home. Welcome!


  • Advice you would give someone who is interested in your topic/blog

Reasearch is your best friend. If you want to know more about anything. Do through reasearch. The last thing you want is to be seen as a looney person because you didn’t have your facts straight. Also, take the thories with a gain of salt. Not everything on the internet is true. So keep a level head.


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