Britney Spears Conspiracy?

Hey guys, back at it with the thories. Per usual this is onlt for fun so don’t take this too seriously. Even though this theory is easily the most believable. BRITNEY SPEARS WAS CLONED!

Okay, maybe not exactly. However, we all remember that point in time where she shaved her head and went just a tad bit crazy. Isn’t it just a little werid that she was able to realease a new album in the middle of her meltdown?

I think it is, which Is why I am here typing this out to you very early in the morning.

So, most artists have back-up singers to help them with the harmony and melody. It’s just how singing goes. Some artists have up to three back-up singers and they have to sound like the original artist. Britney’s back up singer has been said to sound exactly like her. Almost identical. The back-up singer’s name is Maya and was said to make her voice mimick the orignal star… I think you know where I am going with this.

The theory is that Maya was actually the one that sang the main vocals on the album.

It isn’t too far fetched because Britney was not in the right state of mind to come into the recording studio and sing. I don’t think anyone would be able to, no matter how strong or well known they are.

Plus, Britney refuses to talk about the album. I understand that she might not be proud of the music if it actually is her, but most artists own their music. Even if it’s bad. Just look at Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift. They proudly own their music. (*Angry 14 year old teenagers/ beliebers approach the comments*)

There is a single where Maya is singing main vocals and it sounds just like Britney. It’s called Black Widdow and yes, it is on youtube. In fact, I am listening to it right now. It’s not that bad. Good job, Maya!

It isn’t new that Britney has help in her carrer, she lipsyncs on her tours!(proven fact, she was caught just like many other artists) How is this any different?

I could be crazy, but I don’t know. Tell me what you think.


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