Donald Trump Conspiracy Theories.

What is up, Guys? It is me yet again with another conspiracy theory. So I know that politics isn’t the most interesting thing out there, but it makes for some thought provoking ideas.

So for this post, I am going to be talking about the election. More importantly why Donald Trump ran.

So it’s worth noting that I do I have Trump suporters in my family so this isn’t going to be bashing anyone. However, it isn’t a lie that Donald Trump wasn’t the most fit for the office. Niether of them where, but what If I told you Donald and Hilary used to be friends. Yeah, they were both democrats who when to the same boring rich people parties and drank scotch together. (I think that’s what rich people drink, I wouldn’t know.)

So what if Donald joined the Election with the most insane policies, a tad bit of racism and religion based biased just to help out a long term friend? Politicians are currupt anyway, so this doesn’t seem that far fetched. If my friend was doing something that could change their life for the better, I would want to help them as much as I could. Wouldn’t you?

Another theory is that Donald ran for Office to save us from the curription brought with the Clintons. This is about to get extreamly real. Hilary may or may not have cheated and won when it came to Bernie Sanders. This goes a bit deeper. The Clinton’s are associated with stealing millions of dollars from their organization to help families. They are also associated with murder, for leaglity reasons I won’t be going much more into that. What if Hilary wasn’t the lesser of two evils, and Donald saw that? Maybe he wanted to protect America from that level of corruption.

I’ve heard of weirder things happening. Plus, he isn’t smart enough to be a corrupt polititan. He’s far too transparent. Not the point though. The point is that Maybe we were all looking at Donald Trump through the wrong lenses. He might not even be that bad of a person. Or maybe he is a terrible human being. Nevertheless, he is still a person and deserves respect.

What do you guys think? Could we possibly misjudging our president? Let me know!



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