The titantic wasn’t really the titanic?

What? Yes! you read the title for this post correctly. The famous ship known for its crash into an iceberg isn’t actually the titanic. Or at least this is what most therorists believe. A little background on this situation is that the company that made the titanic, known as White star line had two other ships. The only who that are significant are the Olympic and the Titanic. The Olympic was a very old ship. It was said to be in really bad condition after getting into an accident with a navy ship. So, since the company wasn’t able to get a lot of insuance money for this ship.  JP Morgan, who funded the ships; came up with the idea to switch the ships and have the Britannic sale all of those people. Everyone who was in on this plan knew that the ship was going to sink. Which is why so many first class A listers cancled their trip. The first person to do so being JP Morgan himself.

The evidence for this theory is pretty convincing. The titanic was a brand new ship, there was no way that it didn’t have enough time to dodge the iceburg. Even if it did not have enough time to move. The impact from the iceberg was not great enough to bring down the ship… at least not as quickly as it did. The ship should have taken hours, if not days to sink. The Olympic, however; was very weak and frail. The impact from the iceberg would have easily tanken the ship down.

The Lifeboats on the Titanic have the name of the Olympic on them. Why would this new ship have old lifeboats? There is no reason for that. The number of portholes changed on the ship as well. The Titanic had 14 and the Olympic had 16. After the switch, the Titanic suddenly had 16 and the Olympic had 14.

Still not sold? How about if I told you that after being sucken for so long, that Titanic no longer reads as the titanic and the boat now has an O, Y and M on the side of it. Now that the letters are disinergrating. Those letters are not in the titanic. I will post this evidence here since there is a picutre of it. download




I have given you all the evidence that I have, now you can decide for yourself…. Do you think that the Titanic was actually the Olympic? Or am I just crazy?


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