Feema Camps Conspiracy

Hey guys, welcome back to another one of my blog posts.

So, as you all know. I enoy creepy things. In this post, I will be talking about the highly terrifying idea that there are concentration camps that will keep us safe just in case marshall law was ever called onto the entirity of the United states.

If you don’t know what Feema is. It is basically an organization that helps out with natural disatsters that effect a large poulation of people, like Hurrican Sandy or something large like that. Feema is natually seen as a very useful organization and I would agree with that.

If you also don’t know what Marshall Law is, I will quickly explain that it is when the government takes away all of your basic human rights to protect you. Yeah, I know. It sounds too insane to seem true. However, look it up if you don’t believe me. All of your rights leave once Marshall Law is placed.

Now that the two major parts are explained, Let me also explain that this is  not a conspiracy:

Feema is building camps to protect us in a very large national disaster (I.E WWIII)

What?! Yeah, I know. It seems a little crazy, but I assure you that there are multipul Feema camps in your state. In my state, there are at least two camps that are on the map. I was able to use some sources (That I may not list) to find in which cities these camps are in my state. My computer crashed after I located it, so I have no intentions of locating the map again. You may try to do so, but at your own risk.

This Theory is just for fun, I do not work for the government in any way. I mean no disrespect. This could be an online hoax. However, you are free to make your own assumptions.


The titantic wasn’t really the titanic?

What? Yes! you read the title for this post correctly. The famous ship known for its crash into an iceberg isn’t actually the titanic. Or at least this is what most therorists believe. A little background on this situation is that the company that made the titanic, known as White star line had two other ships. The only who that are significant are the Olympic and the Titanic. The Olympic was a very old ship. It was said to be in really bad condition after getting into an accident with a navy ship. So, since the company wasn’t able to get a lot of insuance money for this ship.  JP Morgan, who funded the ships; came up with the idea to switch the ships and have the Britannic sale all of those people. Everyone who was in on this plan knew that the ship was going to sink. Which is why so many first class A listers cancled their trip. The first person to do so being JP Morgan himself.

The evidence for this theory is pretty convincing. The titanic was a brand new ship, there was no way that it didn’t have enough time to dodge the iceburg. Even if it did not have enough time to move. The impact from the iceberg was not great enough to bring down the ship… at least not as quickly as it did. The ship should have taken hours, if not days to sink. The Olympic, however; was very weak and frail. The impact from the iceberg would have easily tanken the ship down.

The Lifeboats on the Titanic have the name of the Olympic on them. Why would this new ship have old lifeboats? There is no reason for that. The number of portholes changed on the ship as well. The Titanic had 14 and the Olympic had 16. After the switch, the Titanic suddenly had 16 and the Olympic had 14.

Still not sold? How about if I told you that after being sucken for so long, that Titanic no longer reads as the titanic and the boat now has an O, Y and M on the side of it. Now that the letters are disinergrating. Those letters are not in the titanic. I will post this evidence here since there is a picutre of it. download




I have given you all the evidence that I have, now you can decide for yourself…. Do you think that the Titanic was actually the Olympic? Or am I just crazy?

Donald Trump Conspiracy Theories.

What is up, Guys? It is me yet again with another conspiracy theory. So I know that politics isn’t the most interesting thing out there, but it makes for some thought provoking ideas.

So for this post, I am going to be talking about the election. More importantly why Donald Trump ran.

So it’s worth noting that I do I have Trump suporters in my family so this isn’t going to be bashing anyone. However, it isn’t a lie that Donald Trump wasn’t the most fit for the office. Niether of them where, but what If I told you Donald and Hilary used to be friends. Yeah, they were both democrats who when to the same boring rich people parties and drank scotch together. (I think that’s what rich people drink, I wouldn’t know.)

So what if Donald joined the Election with the most insane policies, a tad bit of racism and religion based biased just to help out a long term friend? Politicians are currupt anyway, so this doesn’t seem that far fetched. If my friend was doing something that could change their life for the better, I would want to help them as much as I could. Wouldn’t you?

Another theory is that Donald ran for Office to save us from the curription brought with the Clintons. This is about to get extreamly real. Hilary may or may not have cheated and won when it came to Bernie Sanders. This goes a bit deeper. The Clinton’s are associated with stealing millions of dollars from their organization to help families. They are also associated with murder, for leaglity reasons I won’t be going much more into that. What if Hilary wasn’t the lesser of two evils, and Donald saw that? Maybe he wanted to protect America from that level of corruption.

I’ve heard of weirder things happening. Plus, he isn’t smart enough to be a corrupt polititan. He’s far too transparent. Not the point though. The point is that Maybe we were all looking at Donald Trump through the wrong lenses. He might not even be that bad of a person. Or maybe he is a terrible human being. Nevertheless, he is still a person and deserves respect.

What do you guys think? Could we possibly misjudging our president? Let me know!


Britney Spears Conspiracy?

Hey guys, back at it with the thories. Per usual this is onlt for fun so don’t take this too seriously. Even though this theory is easily the most believable. BRITNEY SPEARS WAS CLONED!

Okay, maybe not exactly. However, we all remember that point in time where she shaved her head and went just a tad bit crazy. Isn’t it just a little werid that she was able to realease a new album in the middle of her meltdown?

I think it is, which Is why I am here typing this out to you very early in the morning.

So, most artists have back-up singers to help them with the harmony and melody. It’s just how singing goes. Some artists have up to three back-up singers and they have to sound like the original artist. Britney’s back up singer has been said to sound exactly like her. Almost identical. The back-up singer’s name is Maya and was said to make her voice mimick the orignal star… I think you know where I am going with this.

The theory is that Maya was actually the one that sang the main vocals on the album.

It isn’t too far fetched because Britney was not in the right state of mind to come into the recording studio and sing. I don’t think anyone would be able to, no matter how strong or well known they are.

Plus, Britney refuses to talk about the album. I understand that she might not be proud of the music if it actually is her, but most artists own their music. Even if it’s bad. Just look at Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift. They proudly own their music. (*Angry 14 year old teenagers/ beliebers approach the comments*)

There is a single where Maya is singing main vocals and it sounds just like Britney. It’s called Black Widdow and yes, it is on youtube. In fact, I am listening to it right now. It’s not that bad. Good job, Maya!

It isn’t new that Britney has help in her carrer, she lipsyncs on her tours!(proven fact, she was caught just like many other artists) How is this any different?

I could be crazy, but I don’t know. Tell me what you think.

The first blog

Hey guys, so these first blogs are meant to be a sort of introduction between the bloggers and the people who will be reading them. Personally, I think introductions are overrated, but here it is.

My name for the puropse of this is Miranda, but you can call me Mimi.

  • Name of your blog

Worldly Thories

  • Provided a brief overview of what your blog is about

My blog is mainly about conspiracy theories. I feel like it makes history a bit more entertaining. They also help you think about the world in different ways. A healthy amount of skeptisim is necissary when living in a world where almost anything is possible.

  • Your experience working with the topic of your blog

I guess it’s a family thing, but my father raised me on these thories. When I w

My Father holding baby Mimi

ould feel down about life, he’d come along and cheer me up with the lastest thing he’s heard. He’s the only person I would talk to about these sort of things so now it’s kinda like i’m bringing you into my home. Welcome!


  • Advice you would give someone who is interested in your topic/blog

Reasearch is your best friend. If you want to know more about anything. Do through reasearch. The last thing you want is to be seen as a looney person because you didn’t have your facts straight. Also, take the thories with a gain of salt. Not everything on the internet is true. So keep a level head.